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Winning Posture Coaching Program

Most entrepreneurs and business leaders lack the mindset needed for true success. Common issues include lack of conviction, low confidence, lack of integrity and values, inability to commit, and succumbing to fear. This leads to difficulty maintaining motivation, overcoming obstacles, making difficult decisions, inspiring others, and achieving real results.

The Winning Posture coaching program eliminates these mindset barriers by cultivating the 6 essential components: Conviction, Commitment, Confidence, Character, Caring, and Courage. Thus creating an empowered achievement-oriented mindset.

Through this intensive 12-week coaching system you develop each aspect of your winning posture: Conviction through identifying your core purpose and vision, Commitment by making and keeping the right promises, Confidence built through competence and small wins, Character anchored in your values, Caring by connecting your work to a larger purpose, and Courage developed through fear exercises and ritual.

Through tailored exercises, readings, reflections, and accountability you'll build new habits and identify mental blocks holding you back. By the end, you'll develop an inner strength, grace under pressure, and resolve that fuels the achievement of any goal.

Leadership Development Coaching Program

The Leadership Development Coaching Program is designed to inspire your team to reach its full potential. Leaders that lack vision, strategy, communication skills and an ability to motivate, develop and hold people accountable will invariably fail in their leadership. Over time, teams become misaligned, inconsistent in results, and have low morale.

This is a 12-week coaching program where you first develop your mindset to serve as a foundation for strong leadership. Then we focus on building your skills in the areas leaders need most: strategic communication techniques that motivate action, creating a vision and strategy that inspires, demonstrating high character to build trust, coaching and developing team members to maximize their talents, and holding people accountable in a principled way.

Through exercises, modeling, role plays, goal planning, and feedback you build a complete leadership toolkit that translates to higher team morale, productivity, innovation, and retention. By the end of the program, you'll have the mindset, skills, and discipline to become the transformational leader your team needs to thrive.

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