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I work with Business Owners and Senior Executives who want to break through the constraints that limit them from realizing the full potential of their Leadership

Why Andre Boykin?

For the past 25 years I have dedicated my life to the development of human potential. My main concern was how to support people in creating sustainable transformation in their leadership

Increasing leadership effectiveness is not just about learning something new.  To discover something new, my job is to ask the right questions that allow one to observe things internally and externally that previously was hidden from view.

If you are the kind of person that is committed to your leadership and personal development, why not take me up on my complimentary Master Coaching Session.  

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Check out what clients say

The Executive Coaching that I received while working with Andre Boykin was invaluable. In a short period of time,

Andre was able to help me sort through the business events and opportunities in my life, and contemplate each of these situations and make them into opportunities. 

As a result of Andre’s Coaching I was enabled to grow my profession, increase my Real Estate Skills, (I just received the CCIM Designation) and close some significant Real Estate Transactions.

Thank you, Andre; you made a major difference in my life!”

Steven C.

Commercial Real Estate Professional

I have known Andre for 15 years so my comments are based on numerous engagements over that time.

Andre is one of the most insightful people I have ever worked with professionally. He has a keen sense of what is needed after doing an assessment of your situation. He has great digital assessment tools which accelerate the process and make it very data driven if you will.

He has helped my teams form, reform and balance given the mission. He also has mindful observations on your leaders which can make for very objective evaluations in making organizational changes.

I greatly value him as a sales coach , leader and 

incredibly passionate person.

Gerry L.

Senior Executive Vice-President

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