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Transform Your Mindset - Transform Your Results

As a personal development and growth coach, I work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business professionals so they can develop an empowered, achievement-oriented mindset with winning posture

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What Is Winning Posture

Winning Posture is the mindset that allows one to "show up" in a powerful way in any situation. It is also the mindset of achievement. Winning Posture is a mindset that causes transformation in your ability to move through and beyond obstacles. Winning Posture is a way of being that leads to success. It is the true character of your leadership capability unconstrained, fearless.

My Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a results-oriented partnership that empowers greater freedom of expression, productivity, and fulfillment. My job as a coach is to provide accountability, ask insightful questions, share observations, and model strategies that align will assist you to align your actions with your defined goals and priorities. With compassion and good listening, I challenge your assumptions, identify unhealthy patterns, and help frame empowering thought processes. Through this process, you have greater self-awareness, transform limiting beliefs, create sustained momentum, and achieve breakthroughs. 

Hi, I'm Andre Boykin

I'm a personal development and growth coach who works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business professionals by unlocking the secret to a better more powerful mindset which helps them to overcome obstacles and setbacks to reach higher levels of success.

Why not empower your personal growth and catapult your business success with results-driven coaching tailored for entrepreneurs and professionals?

Leverage my unique blend of business experience, advanced assessment tools, and targeted guidance to enhance your communication, goal-setting, self-accountability, and interpersonal skills - transforming obstacles into opportunities for lasting achievements.

Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding, and better mindset about who you are and how to utilize more of your potential!

Let's Reclaim Your Mindset

What Others Say About My Coaching...

"My coaching with Andre allowed me to gain clarity about what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to focus on to achieve it. Because of the coaching I received, I was able to have the confidence to venture into a new path that allowed me to be fulfilled and successful in the work I do.

S. Chess, Commercial Real Estate Professional

I've worked with Andre for several years and found that his advice and coaching to be beneficial for me in leading my team and achieving my personal goals. Andre has keen insight into what it takes to maximize performance. I love the assessment tools he uses to support his work.

G. Litrento, Entrepreneur

I was able to achieve something I had never done before and that was speaking as a way to generate revenue for my consulting practice. He challenged me, held me accountable, and gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goal. I appreciate Andre for his coaching.

D. Altman, Human Resources Consultant

Let me share in your success story by showing you how to create the Winning Posture Mindset...

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