My Speeches and Programs

My keynotes and programs deliver powerful messages that motivate and inspire audiences to take action and get results. My unique ability to break complex concepts into their simplest components allows people to grasp the concepts and put them into their professional and personal lives.

I deliver my messages in an informative, entertaining, and engaging way that causes people to want to reach higher heights.

I can either open or close your meeting and all of my keynotes can be expanded into breakout sessions, full-day seminars, workshop series, or long-term team coaching and training.

Audiences say that not only do they learn a lot from my presentations, but they would love to listen to me all day. That is why my clients keep having me come back again and again.

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My Keynotes

The Five C’s Of Winning Posture

Successful people can attract others to their ideas, their goals, and their objectives. They have that indefinable something that causes people to take notice of who they are and what they are up to accomplishing. Winning Posture, therefore, is about how you “show up” to other people. It is having the mindset, the belief, and values that put you in a position to win every time. Winning Posture is the secret sauce that makes other people receptive to your ideas, concepts, products, or services. The audience will walk away from this keynote feeling empowered and equipped to excel in any situation. Organizations will benefit when their leaders, salespeople, and teams take on developing Winning Posture because they will be creating a powerful workforce. Every person will see how they can have power and influence with others based on developing a more powerful view of themselves.

1. Discover how to apply the 5 Cee's of Winning Posture to create a powerful presence
2. Distinguish how Winning Posture impacts performance
3. Understand how to apply the principles of Winning Posture to attract and engage others

Capturing The Extraordinary

What’s the difference that causes some people to excel while others remain at the status quo? The biggest difference between those who soar and those who don’t is their ability to capture and utilize their inner strengths and talents. All too often people fall into a routine of being mediocre. For various reasons they hold back and don’t use the extraordinary potential they have. When people use their full potential, extraordinary things happen!

This keynote address inspires people to go beyond the ordinary and be empowered to capture the extraordinary in their professional and personal lives. The audience will be engaged in looking at attitudes that are limiting their success and taking them farther away from their goals. They will see why they no longer have to accept the status quo for themselves, lower their expectations and concede their dreams. Capturing the Extraordinary looks into the key areas of self-leadership and will inspire the audience to take action daily.

1. How to combat the effects of negative conditioning that limits performance
2. Define success at the personal level that will inspire you to take action
3. Obtain clarity on the things that are important to you and how to achieve them

Caterpillar to Butterfly – The Struggle to Transform

What does it take to have sustainable change in your organization? Suggesting new ideas and then hoping those ideas are implemented will not yield the desired results. People and often collapse that change equals transformation. Inside of that collapse is the mistake that just because things are different there has been a transformation.

In this powerful, keynote address, Andre demonstrates what transformation is and how it differs from transitioning or change. Andre explores the principles of transformation and what it takes to have new ideas inculcated in the organization. The audience is left empowered in knowing they can cause transformation and create a new beginning for greater results and effectiveness.

1. Identify a model for transformation
2. Apply the model of transformation in your organization
3. Develop Core values that trigger transformation

My Breakout Sessions

Leadership Strategies For Performance and Engagement In Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce

Complexities of today’s multi-generational workforce pose unprecedented challenges for leaders today. The ability to engage a diverse workforce must be a top consideration. Too often lack of employee engagement results in poor performance, revenue decline, and weakened relationships with customers.

To prevent these undesirable outcomes, leaders must develop and implement people-centric strategies that address the needs of each generation. Organizational performance is a direct outflow of the leader’s ability to master these strategies.

This program focuses on the three critical areas that create engagement and increase performance. These areas are:
      •Understanding the wants and needs of today’s workforce
      •System and strategy for getting the right person for the right job (Right-Fit Organization)
      •Establishing an environment that fosters Accountability

This is a lively and interactive program that has leaders thinking and acting in new ways about how they can impact organizational performance.

     1. Know how to engage the diverse generational workforce
     2. How to use Accountability to foster engagement
     3. Implement a system for selection and hiring to create a “Right Fit” organization

MisFit to RightFit: How To Ensure Maximum Performance

Why is it that some employees do more than their fair share of the work while others simply are not getting the job done? Chances are there are MisFits in the job.
What is a MisFit? A MisFit may have nothing to do with someone’s level of capabilities. Rather a MisFit is having a person in a job that does not match with their strengths, acumen, and preferences. This can happen with very capable people, but when they are put in a MisFit job, performance suffers.

In this session, we explore how organizations end up with MisFit employees and the impact this has on the bottom line. Participants learn the five steps to take to go from having MisFit to RightFit talent throughout the organization. This is a lively, interactive session where the participants walk away with action items they can implement immediately when they return from the conference.

     1. Be able to implement the five steps to move from MisFit to RightFit
     2. Develop a Job Benchmark for candidate selection
     3. Be able to identify the cultural barriers to RightFit
     4. How to use assessments properly in candidate selection

Planning For Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Will you be a victim of a leadership void in your organization? Today’s workforce is less likely and prepared to move to other position opportunities than ever before. A recent study by CareerBuilder showed that 74 percent of employees are either actively searching for a new job or are open to new opportunities. Movement in the workplace is inevitable. Positions open, whether people retire, leave your company, or simply move to other positions within or outside of your company. The question to ask is: Does your organization have a plan when people leave with critical knowledge and skills?

This lively session shows how to eliminate detrimental leadership voids through a simple and effective succession planning process. First, learn how to identify high potentials and differentiate high performers from high potentials. Discover how to avoid the critical mistakes in promoting leaders that can cripple your organization’s performance.
Participants become well versed in the four main areas of Succession Planning Process: Preparation, Assess, Develop, and Evaluating the Process. Leaders will see what is involved in each step from creating a succession planning team by measuring the ROI. Participants leave with ideas and plans to implement for their own succession planning process.

     1. Understand the elements of succession planning and why it is critical to your organization
     2. How to identify top performers and high potentials and retain them
     3. Identify the gaps in their succession planning process

What Every Leader Needs To Know About Emotional Intelligence & Eliminating Team Dysfunction

What is one of the biggest challenges leaders face in achieving high performance from their teams? The answer is Team Dysfunction! If not dealt with effectively, team dysfunction will cause projects to fail, negatively impact resident satisfaction, and adversely affect your bottom line. Some of the signs that your team is suffering from team dysfunction are:
     •You spend too much time dealing with conflict between team members
     •At team meetings, do attendees walk out not aligned with what the next steps are?
     •Your team lacks energy, enthusiasm, and collaboration
     •You are frustrated by team members that do not keep their commitments

In this lively and interactive session, you will discover the vital concepts you need to know to lead your team effectively and avoid the pitfalls of a dysfunctional team. You’ll see how to overcome the things that undermine team performance and why well-developed emotional intelligence is critical to be effective in dealing with the various pressures impacting you and your team.

     1. Understand the different facets of Emotional Intelligence
     2. Discuss the bottom-line impact of Emotional Intelligence
     3. Learn to build trust and collaboration that eliminates team dissention and sabotage
     4. Establish clear objectives to create buy-in and commitment
     5. Learn techniques to keep the team motivated for the long haul