June 18


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effective actionThere is a huge difference in affecting something and being at the effect of something.  How many times have you heard someone say “I would, but under the circumstances…”    A good question maybe to ask is what are you doing under the circumstances.  The place to be in not under the circumstance, but on top of the circumstances.  What a person is really saying when they say they are under the circumstances is they are allowing the circumstances to control what they will or will not do.

There is no substitute for action.  Action is the state of movement and energy where something is taking place.  Action is what creates results.  While you would think everyone would have action at the top of the list to get something done, it is overlooked time and time again.  People are busy thinking about taking action.  They say “I’m thinking about what to do.”  I’m not against having a great plan, but thinking for too long is a detriment.  Think less; act more!

Action by itself does not produce desired results.  There has to be effective action.  Effective action is what moves the results needle.  The thing about effective action is that a lot of times effective action is the actions you don’t want to take.   Because you don’t want to take the effective actions that leads to results, you allow other things like the circumstances to keep you from being in action.

How many times have you said you don’t “feel” like doing something?  When feelings stop you from taking effective action, the source of you not being in action is the same as the circumstances.   Circumstances can be external or they could be internal.  External circumstances are those things that are outside of you.  They are things such as the weather, friends, conditions, or hardships.  Internals circumstances are things such as fear, intimidation, feelings of overwhelm, and lack of motivation.

So how then do your get into action and take effective action in spite of circumstances.  The answer is you have to get connected to the “why” you are taking the action.  Your why is what will have you be in action when the circumstances tell you to not be in action.  Your “why” is what motivates you.

It is important to understand motivation.  Motivation is never outside of you.  No one can motivate you.  Only you can motivate you.  Someone may be able to create the environment for you to motivate yourself, but only you can motivate you.

The root word for motivate is to move.  Move in the sense of emotionally moved.  When you have strong identification and connection to your why, you will be moved to action.  And, not just any action, effective action.

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