About Me

Andre Boykin is a recognized speaker and consultant known for his ability to connect with people and to move them to take ACTION!  Andre uniquely combines experiences and learning points, that causes people to look at things in new that leads to transformative results.

Andre’s success and experiences working with Fortune 500 companies, as well as in the companies he has founded, is the basis for his ability to relate to executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and other business leaders who are out to accomplish something extraordinary.

Andre has worked in over thirty different industries spanning manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, and hospitality. Andre has been featured in numerous local and national publications on topics of leadership and sales. He is a co-author of the popular sales book Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses. And, he is the author of the soon to be released The Five C’s of Winning Posture.

Andre’s consulting firm CAPITAL iDEA works with organizations to bridge the gap between talent and results.  Through the firm’s Executive Coaching Solutions and Talent Development Solutions, CAPITAL iDEA is recognized for creating companies that WORK and was named a Top 100 Small Business by South Florida Business Leaders Magazine.

Andre is a certified Human Capital Specialist and has many certifications and designations related to the development of human potential.  Andre is committed to making a difference in our youth.  He leads the fund-raising efforts for the Marc Jaiden Project, a non-profit organization that provides eye care for underprivileged families and children in South Florida, Jamaica, and Haiti. Andre is also a frequent volunteer with Junior Achievement to help shape our leaders of tomorrow.