How do you become a good leader?

How do you become a good leader?  I will answer that question in this article.  Before I get to that, think of your leadership development as a journey and not a destination.  You will never arrive at total leadership effectiveness.   My definition of leadership is: a leader is someone that provides what is needed in any […]

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Affirmations for Achievement

There is a correlation between affirmations and achievement.   Affirmations are not a “magic bullet” that when fired you will achieve all of your goals and objectives.  Affirmations are, however, a tool that can be used to develop the mindset that is required to achieve the things that are important to you.  To have affirmations work, […]

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Time Management Strategies for Being An Effective Leader

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have told me that one of the biggest challenges they have in being an effective leader, is managing time.  There is no doubt that time management is a key part of being successful.  And, with all the books, technology, and systems for time management out there, you may be wondering: what […]

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Leaders Keep a Proper Perspective of Failure

We tend to think of failure as something shameful, undesirable. Understandably, failing to achieve it often cause negative feelings, no matter how big or small the goal was. And the only way to overcome those feelings is by changing the way we understand failure – it is part of the process of success and leaves […]

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How to Achieve Your Goals in 2018

It seems almost natural at the beginning of the year to create a fresh start to the new year.  Part of that fresh start is to set new goals for the year.  This goal setting practice for the new year is commonly disguised as new years resolutions. “A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in […]

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effective action

Effective Action Regardless Of The Circumstances

There is a huge difference in affecting something and being at the effect of something.  How many times have you heard someone say “I would, but under the circumstances…”    A good question maybe to ask is what are you doing under the circumstances.  The place to be in not under the circumstance, but on top […]

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