Andre BoykinAndre Boykin is known for his expertise in working with organizations to help them maximize performance. He is a Human Capital Strategist who works with leaders to develop people centric strategies that increase employee engagement and performance.

Andre is an accomplished speaker, consultant, and author who has the ability to reach his audience and move people to action. Andre has presented over 5,000 presentations, speeches, and lectures. He is highly requested to speak at corporate functions, international group events, and professional association conferences.

Through his consulting firm CAPITAL iDEA, which he co-founded with is partner Shari Roth, is recognized as a leading firm in transforming organizations so the leadership team and employees can be more effective in meeting the challenges facing businesses today.  CAPITAL iDEA was named a top 100 small business by South Florida Business Leaders Magazine.

Andre has worked with Organizations in thirty industries, including: distribution, consumer package goods, healthcare, construction, insurance, finance, and hospitality. Andre has been featured in numerous local and national publications on topics of leadership and sales. He is a co-author of the popular book Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses.  And, he is the author of the soon to be released The Five C’s of Winning Posture.

Andre has demonstrated success in consulting and training teams that have achieved breakthrough results.  Andre has designed, developed, and delivered training programs for national and international teams and has served on the board of directors for the Association for Talent Development in Broward County Florida.  In addition to being a certified Human Capital Specialist, Andre has many certifications and designations related to the development of human potential.

Andre is committed to making a difference in our youth.  He leads the fund raising efforts for the Marc Jaiden Project, a non-profit organization that provides eye care services for under privileged children in South Florida, Jamaica, and Haiti. Andre is also a frequent volunteer with Junior Achievement to help shape our leaders of tomorrow.